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Your customer reviews reflect your reputation to the whole world. It is through the reviews that your potential customers decide whether to or not to trust your brand. Thus, it’s time you focus on online customer reviews and use them in your marketing strategies. Let’s say you run a website named MyAssignmenthelp. So, you need to use Myassignmenthelp reviews in your marketing strategies to earn the trust of your potential clients. As per the research by Nielsen, almost 92% of online buyers believe references from friends and family, whereas 70% rely on reviews shared by unknown users.

Positive customer reviews act as a strong tool for attracting the customers’ attention. Here’s how you can use the reviews in your marketing strategies.

1. Share the reviews on your social media platforms

Social media is something almost everyone is familiar with these days. Whether you are an entrepreneur or you have an existing business, the chances are that you already have a business page on social media platforms. So, why don’t you share the positive reviews on your social media platforms then? After all, there are almost 4.48 billion social media users all over the world. Imagine the attention you could get by sharing your customers’ reviews on social media which are used by millions of people.

Importance of sharing reviews on social media:

  • Helps you earn the trust of your customers
  • Boosts the credibility of your reviews if you add customer image and video
  • Encourages your potential buyers to opt for your services or buy your products

2. Create a separate customer review page on your website

If you have a business, chances are you already have reviews, whether you know about it or not. Your website visitors would like to know what other people think about your services. Thus, it would be helpful if you create a separate page solely for customer reviews on This will not only prove the value of your brand but also will reflect the trustworthiness of your brand.

Importance of a customer review page on the website:

  • Helps your potential customers understand your existing customer’s feedback on your services and products
  • Triggers curiosity among some people about your products and services
  • Gives you an opportunity to display how others have benefitted from your services

3. Post the reviews on your website homepage

Did you know that almost 86% of customers expect to see information about products and services from real people? Your website’s homepage is the first thing your new or potential customers will see. And posting the reviews on this particular page can work wonders when it comes to earning the trust of potential customers. This is a direct and yet powerful marketing tactic. Including positive feedback about your services by real people on your website’s homepage provides a reason for your website visitors to continue discovering your site.

4. Share the reviews in marketing emails

Above 294 billion emails are sent every day from various firms. However, an individual receives almost 72 emails per day, and they usually spend up to 30% of their working day staring at the inboxes and reading emails. These statistics show how impactful can creative emails can be. Why don’t you include your customer reviews in the emails the next time you send them as a part of your marketing campaign?

Including customer reviews in the emails can encourage them to buy from you or opt for your services. Some of them may also expect their name or reviews to be shared by you in further emails.

5. Use reviews in search ads

Search engines do not blatantly rank your website. Out of all the other factors, customer reviews play an integral role in ranking your website on the search engine results. Search engines monitor strictly what other people have to say about your business. Hence use customer reviews in your search ads to achieve the top ranks in the SERPs.

Search engines rely on reviews to measure your customer’s expectations. Besides these, updating new unique content daily can help you acquire Google Seller Ratings and Rich Snippets, thereby improving your online visibility on the search engines.

Wrapping Up,

Customer reviews are important for the online reputation of your business. However, it is also equally important for your marketing campaigns to be successful. For instance, you can use the reviews in search ads to boost your ranking on the SERPs. You can also include the reviews in your marketing emails. In case you want to know how unbiased reviews look like, you can take a look at or

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