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Businesses around the globe are experiencing amazing growth and transformation due to digitization. There is no denying the fact that the global business landscape is leveraging technology to the best of its abilities. Mobile applications, websites, and different types of softwares are exceedingly becoming a part of business operations. This enterprise application development at a scale is simplifying the functions and providing endless opportunities for efficiency and seamless workflow activities. The best part is companies can get tailor-made solutions according to their business requirements and needs to run smoothly in this highly competitive world.  

What is Enterprise Application Development?

An enterprise application is a solution or an application that provides a centralized system and place to manage all business operations for higher efficiency and developing such software is referred to as enterprise application development. Enterprise application involves multiple procedures to be developed and deployed on the cloud, which is then made accessible to all the employees so that they can carry out their work processes without any friction. Developing enterprise application solutions have hundreds of requirements that need to be fulfilled. Companies can install these applications on varying platforms for them to function simultaneously on the other. Moreover, they made it while keeping specific company requirements in mind. 

Some Important Trends in Enterprise Application Development 


The user experience design and user interface design should stand out. Many people confuse between the two terms but tell you, User interface and user experience both are related to each other, but they are not the same thing or involve the same process. User interface design is all about designing the interface. The way it should look. It includes the type of fonts to use, the font size, and everything else related to the visual appearance. Whereas user experience design is all about the usability of the product and how it should function to deliver the optimal user experience. Having said that, many companies still overlook the very idea of UI/UX but the notion is flawed. If you want your employees to get the maximum out of your software then make sure to add all the elements that make their lives easier and only seamless UX/UI design ensures that. 

Cloud Computing

Many large size corporations are now giving preference to cloud computing. Instead of having server architectures, they consider cloud computing. Why? Because it offers a secure solution. Also, it provides accessibility and ease of operations for the employees using it. Now no need to keep servers in other countries when you can make use of cloud solutions. 

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Enterprise Application Development Process

It doesn’t matter whether you are outsourcing enterprise application development companies or developing it in-house, you need to have a clear set of procedures and processes in place to see the development to fruition. SO make sure to go through the following steps so that you can get the maximum efficiency and also value for money invested. 

Defining the Scope of Your Project 

The very first step is to define the scope of your project. You need to have a clear idea in mind about what you want. Your goals and objectives should be clear and what you are expecting to achieve. Now defining the scope of the project isn’t so hard. You just need to have a purpose in mind before moving onto the next steps. Just be clear about what problem the software is going to handle for you, once you have a goal in mind, just stick to it. 

Building a Team

No, you simply can not function without a good, expert team especially when you are dealing with complex functionalities and features. You need to have a team that is skillful and most importantly is committed to the project. Make sure your team has prior knowledge and has a good portfolio of working with similar solutions. Do not hire a resource just because they strike a good bargain. Pro tip is to never compromise on the quality because of cost. The same goes for when hiring in-house developers or outsourcing enterprise application development companies.  The biggest downside of hiring an employee just because he or she is inexpensive is that you end up spending more money after they can’t work out. 

Realistic Deadlines

We understand companies are always on the clock. But if you need a quality and efficient product that is important you set realistic deadlines. Development doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and a plan. It can last for 3 to 6 months or sometimes even more than that, all depending upon the complexity of the system. So make sure to set realistic deadlines and even give some extra time if you have to. 

Determine Your Tech Stack 

The market is flooded with different types of technologies and coding languages but the challenging part is to pick the one that suits you the most. So you have to be very smart in your approach. Do not go for the tech stack that everyone uses or that no one does, instead do some little research, choose the coding language that is not only easier to work with but has good community help. Also, always develop cross-platform applications that are compatible with every possible browser. Because not everyone in the company has the same system, some work with Apple products, and some not so much. SO list down all the possible devices and browsers your app should be able to work on, for higher productivity.

Project Management Methodology

It’s a myth that every project management approach works fine for every project. But in reality, it doesn’t work like that. The agile approach can be good for some projects and others not so much. So choose the one that aligns with your goals. If there is no room for change then choose waterfall, but if you are looking for flexibility, then choose agile. Every project has its own parameters, so decide accordingly. 

Testing Your Application

Testing the application during and after the development has ended is very crucial not only for making sure that the product is bug free but also to ensure higher levels of security. So make sure to run penetration testing of your enterprise app before you put it out there. Because companies are always dealing with sensitive employee and client data and at the end of the day you must keep it safe and away from wrong hands. So hire an ethical hacker who is responsible for checking the system on a regular basis through multiple entry points. 

Enterprise Application Development is redefining businesses around the world. It enables companies to scale and thrive in this highly competitive world.  Therefore, improved workflows ensure maximum productivity and employee efficiency which in return open the door for endless opportunities for companies around the globe. 

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