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Love and flowers are always compared with each other as flowers are the only thing that is as beautiful as love on this planet. Flowers make us smile instantly. Their beauty, their fragrance and texture are mesmerizing. We always like to see flowers around us as they bring freshness and beauty to any place. Having flowering plants around is the best way to make your day blooming with happiness and elegance. There are a lot of options in plants but not all plants grow well in every season. There are some plants that will grow well in summers while some in winter. You can easily order plants to USA online as per your choice. Here is a list of plants that can be grown at your house in summers:

  1. Lotus- who is not mesmerized by the beauty of lotus. It is the national flower of our country and looks stunning. They are a symbol of peace and purity. They are found in colors like pink, white, purple and blue. If you want to add an element of peace and elegance to your garden you must add this flower to your place. They can be easily grown in a tub so you can place them in your garden or balcony. Their leaves are round in shape and look unique as well. They will increase the beauty of that place and you can meditate or just sit around them and feel that positive energy.
  1. Marigold- Marigold also known as “Genda” in Hindi is one the prettiest flowers. They grow in large numbers in colors like yellow and orange. They are symbol of beauty, cheerfulness and brightness of the sun. They look vibrant and bright because of their color. Not only they look good but its flowers are used for medicinal purposes and also in religious places. It is also a natural pest control and will add a lot of grace to your garden.
  1. Roses- Roses are little bundles of love. They look pretty in every color, be it red, pink, white or yellow. You can order rose online easily. They grow well in sunlight but remember not to keep them under direct sunlight during afternoon. They just need a little care like watering them regularly and you will be able to enjoy these beautiful flowers in your garden. So, order a plant of rose online today and give your garden a new look.
  1. Hibiscus- hibiscus flowers are considered sacred in India and are offered to God. They look very beautiful. You will find around 70 varieties of hibiscus flowers in India. Make sure you place them under direct sunlight. They will add brightness and shine to your garden. These flowers symbolize beauty, passion, energy and light. They are also used for medicinal purposes. Hibiscus tea has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Order these plants online for its numerous benefits.
  1. Sunflowers- As the name itself conveys these flowers look bright and shiny like the sun. the most fascinating quality of these flowers is that they always face the sun. So, if you have more than one of these pretty flowers all of them will face towards sun which looks very nice. They are a symbol of energy, positivity, hope and good luck. They also just need watering and some fertilizer and you are good to go. 

Order any of these plants for yourself and add grace to your garden. None of these plants is difficult to maintain and will bloom beautifully in your house adding positivity and brightness to the place.  Having plants around enhances mood and makes you happy so it is always great to have some around.

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