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Storing in your system is slowly becoming an age-old process. Now individuals and businesses are both thinking about investing in cloud storage solutions. Whether it is storing pictures, music files, or official documentation, all sorts of digital files can be stored in the cloud.

Here you don’t have to worry about the size and accessibility at all. But, what about security? That’s what most people and business owners are more concerned about. We are here to answer all your questions related to data security in the cloud that can make things a lot clear to you.

Is Data In The Cloud Secure?

To answer this, it is important to assess two of the important elements.

  1. What aggregates the security of the data in the cloud?
  2. Is using local storage sufficient to keep your data secure?

It is completely up to you to decide but below mentioned are a few of the important points related to data security in the cloud. Check it out:

The Password Dilemma

Do you know even the passwords can be hacked too? So, this means that the passwords are not even security-approved. They are also a threat that can result in the form of huge data loss. So, if you are using cloud storage solutions that are solely dependent on the password, then you cannot avoid a security lapse in the time to come. So, it is important that you have a strategy in place that allows you to keep this dilemma out of context. All you have to do is to regularly change your passwords. This can curb the chances of vulnerability or any cyber attack for the purpose of a data breach.

Hacking En-Route

What if your data is hacked while being en route? Bet, you might not know that! It is a possibility! But, thanks to technology, most of the storage solutions consider encrypting the data before transferring the same. You can check whether this is happening with your clout storage solution or not. Cloud security experts say, if your cloud storage operates through a web application, then check with https rather than HTTP present in the URL. The extra “s” in your HTTP states that it does encrypt the data and is fully secure to use. If you are using a cloud storage application hen make sure to check it has been infused with an encryption facility for all the online exchanges.

Say No To Sharing

We all know-how more than systems, people can do most of the damage in terms of hacking. So, it is important that you never share your password and ensure that it is changed regularly, as stated above. Social engineering has proved too costly in the past and is certainly one of the biggest threats to cloud storage. No matter how much you trust someone, it is not wise to share your personal information. This can not only cost you but your company as a whole. Sharing even minimal information can be good enough for the hackers to cause a ruckus in your storage.

Hiring Reliable Vendors

It has been seen that hackers generally consider stealing most data without doing much of the work. So, they are most probably going to attach your cloud storage service provider so that they can get access to most of their clients and cause bigger harm. So, it is important that you only hire a cloud storage service provider that assures top security. You must check their history and security attributes before making any kind of decision.

It is important that you check what your cloud storage service providers are executing to keep your data safe and secure all the way through. You must also ask for tips that you need to follow to keep your data secure and safe from any kind of vulnerabilities and threats.

Options You Have For Safe Cloud Storage Solution

When you are looking for a cloud service provider to keep your data secure, it is important that you check what you are planning to store and what is approach you are going to access the same. As per these questions, you must check with the features that cloud storage service providers can help you with. To help you, below mentioned are a few of the best features that you must look for when you are looking for a cloud storage solution provider:

  • You must only hire a company with a top-notch network and physical security.
  • Another attribute that you must check with is multiple-level redundancy. This means the service provider must have multiple copies of the stored data to ensure that there is no loss in disaster times.
  • Redundancy with different locations is another attribute that you must look for. This means that the data in one location is destroyed, other locations are perfectly safe and sound. 
  • The next attribute that you must check is how much time does it take to delete a file from the cloud servers. And after the file is deleted, can it be restored or not!

It has been seen that cloud security has been rigid for enterprise-level clouds but not for end-user storage services. So, if you even go for top cloud storage solutions, you are not assured of complete security. There might prevail some sort of vulnerabilities. But these vulnerabilities are not a big issue if the stored information is not that confidential. You can rely on these solutions and give yourself a sense of assurance that your files are fully safe and secure.  

Last Words

Hopefully, you are clear about the security attributes provided by the cloud storage solution. In short, the answer to the title of the write-up is YES! You can store your data on the cloud without thinking twice. Compared to all the other storage solutions, cloud facility has got you covered a lot more convincingly. So, all you need to do is to find the right vendor where you can avail the best security attributes to protect your data from all kinds of threats and vulnerabilities. Go for it!

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