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Are you in the market looking for quality outdoor table tennis tables? With the wide variety of options available these days, it’s not easy to find the right make or find a quality product – one that not only meets the requirements but is also a complete value for money. With the tons of brands, materials available, sizes, and price range, it’s becoming increasingly hard for people to lay hands on the right table tennis tables these days. Thus, we hope to help you in finding the right kind and guide you on how you can differentiate a quality product from its cheaper alternatives. So, let’s get started.

Features to keep in mind while buying outdoor table tennis tables

  • Portability: Before you plan on buying something as big as a table tennis table, you’d first have to find out where you want to set up the table permanently. You may even want to pack it after every game. However, we wouldn’t suggest you to do that as that’s a big hassle. That said, if you do not have enough space for the table then packing and unpacking it makes more sense. However, in that case, try going for one that’s easy to fold up. The roller tables can be unpacked or packed by a single individual. In fact, it features brakes, which when applied, prevent the table from moving.
  • Thickness: You’d often find people arguing that table tennis tables with one-inch thick tops are the only ones worth buying, and that’s not completely wrong. Such tables offer amazing bounce, but then if you opt for a table with a 0.75-inch top, you’d hardly notice the difference in bounce. So, if you are a professional table tennis player or someone who’s looking to go pro, you should probably go for only the ones with 1-inch tops, otherwise, there are tons of options for others who want it for casual fun. While the cheapest tables come with 12 mm thickness and terrible bounce, the tables with 25 mm thickness comply with professional standards. So, if you want to have some fun with friends and family members, it’s better to go for the ones that have 18 mm or 22 mm thickness.
  • Legs: Outdoor table tennis tables are big and thus need strong legs to support all that weight. Moreover, it should be able to withstand all the beating over time. Before buying a board, also check the leg levers at the bottom of the table. These particularly come in handy when the floor that you’re playing on isn’t quite level. So, individuals can adjust the lever to maintain the table’s height – 30-inches from the ground.
  • The net: Some tables come with a net attached, while for others you’d need to buy it separately. These nets can usually be attached to the table in three ways.
  • Permanently attached – As the name implies, in this, the net is affixed to the side of the outdoor table tennis tables. In fact, if you opt for one-piece undercarriage tables, they come with a net affixed, however, that’s usually shorter than the competition length.
  • Spring-loaded – These attach-and-detach type nets come with spring-loaded clips – much like clothespins. Thus, they are easy to fix and remove – perfect for tables that people usually pack and unpack.
  • Screw clamp: Clearly the sturdiest option of all, the screw clamp process allows great flexibility as it allows a fair bit of adjustment option. Just make sure that you either use felt or have a soft covering at the grip spots, just to save the table from unnecessary scratches.
  • One-piece or two-piece: One-piece tables feature an undercarriage that allows it to stay in one piece and also be folded from the middle. It’s easy to align and can even be used half-open for practicing alone. However, it does take up a lot of space. On the other hand, the two-piece table can be completely separated into two halves, making it a more space-efficient option.

Key takeaway

Outdoor table tennis tables are of different types, and the best ones are even rustproof and waterproof. This allows the table to last long. That said, the surface could either be wooden or come with a metallic or waterproof coating. In fact, some boards even include a synthetic laminate on top. So do your research well, and only then make your purchase from a professional and reliable store/ platform – one that’s known to offer exceptional sports goods at reasonable rates, without compromising on the quality of the product. Keep in mind the portability, the weight, and the material used before finalising the product.

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