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These days, almost everyone seems to be selling used clothes online – whether it’s the women from your mother’s recipe sharing club or your cool younger cousins. So, it’s quite understandable if you too want to get in and find out how to do that. It’s okay to feel excited to declutter and make some money in the process. If you are ready to sell some of your old premium dresses online, you could probably be sitting on a gold mine! After all, trendy, fashionable, and designer clothes are always in high demand, so, here’s how to find the best place to sell clothes online in Ireland.

Why sell used clothes online?

  • Decluttering: Let’s face it – with fewer old clothes in your closet, you’d have less stressful mornings. Decluttering the closet and getting rid of the stuff that you no longer need, is the first step to getting an organized life.
  • Sustainability: We live in a society where people throw away stuff that may or may not have been used at all. Thus, by selling second hand clothes online, you can actually do your part in reducing waste.
  • Extra cash: Trying to save money for your next vacation? Perhaps you are building an emergency fund? Whatever be the case, you can’t resist the temptation of making some extra cash that will get you to your dream vacation faster.

Guide to selling second hand clothes online in Ireland

  • Pick your platform wisely: This is clearly the first step to earning easy money when it comes to selling second hand dresses online. No two platforms are alike, and so, do your research, and find the one that best meets your needs. While some are best for selling branded and premium dresses, others have more traffic, and then there are some which are best for non-branded dresses. Find the one that has a clean UI and doesn’t make the process overly complex.
  • Be picky but realistic: Chances are you once liked the dress and that’s how it landed into your closet, but one bad buying experience will deter people from buying from you. Thus, never try selling tattered, torn, or stained dresses online. Try selling branded dresses more. Why? Well, simply because when buying dresses online, your customers wouldn’t be able to try them on, and so they’d prefer buying known brands. You can try selling dresses that either look quite new, follow the current styles/ trends, is from a boutique, or is clearly a one-of-a-kind novelty item or limited edition things that’s hard to find around.
  • Click good pictures: Of course, you’d want to find the best place to sell clothes online in Ireland, but before that, you’d have to make sure that you click perfect pictures of the dresses that you want to sell. Feel free to model your clothes but you actually don’t need to do it. A simple picture against a white backdrop – a white wall or a white poster board, would be enough for a nice and clean picture. You can also hang the dress on a hangar. That said, make sure you take 3-4 crucial pictures – front, back, the details, and the tag. Avoid using stock photos or using filters on your phone.
  • Price it right: Nobody likes buying expensive second hand products. In fact, everyone loves a good deal. Moreover, we live in a world where there are literally thousands of stores to shop. So, the pricing is important. If you want to sell the dresses quickly, we’d advise you to price it attractively – a 65-75 percent off on the actual price of the dress. The higher you price the items, the slower would be the sale cycle.

Key takeaway

With the resale market witnessing a boom the world over, it’s certainly worth a try! Check online reviews or talk to someone who’s already tried selling second-hand stuff online, and then opt for the best place to sell clothes online in Ireland. Find yourself a platform that has a transparent policy and offers a good buying experience to customers. This way, you’d be able to earn some cash faster than you imagine. Get in on the action. Sell dresses online. 

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